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Work on the storm water retention pond is expected to begin soon.

Green Bay WI Expectation Dating Services

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Wisconsin Document Imaging goes beyond office equipment by providing cost-saving solutions and technology to local businesses to help them thrive. Our goal is to ensure your business is productive, efficient, and equipped with the latest office technology. Wisconsin Document Imaging was established inbut we have roots dating back to the s. Local businesses have relied on us to be their one-stop-shop for managed services, multifunctional devices, printers, software solutions, and document imaging systems. to learn why businesses trust us my date in Dallas all of their technology needs.

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Wisconsin Singles bills itself as meet Corpus Christi TX friends matchmaking service for professionals, primarily in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Wisconsin Singles Spokesman Gerry Gross says they never reveal how many members they have. Diane Ryan asked FOX6's undercover volunteers for their income, rent and car payments, bank information and credit card balances. I threw up," Ryan repeated to Kim, our second undercover volunteer.

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But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I didn't know. Now they want to keep you from making the same mistake. You can only talk to your personal matchmaker. That investigation led to a state lawsuit and a quarter of a million dollars in restitution dating service Madison WI victims.

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A lot," Ryan said. But if you're single and have your own credit card, she'd like to spend a couple of hours with you. Kathy Jorsch ed up in January.

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In other words, before they even start using the service, it's too late to get a refund. FOX6 Investigators hidden cameras expose the questionable tactics used by Wisconsin Singles to sell expensive contracts.

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If vs Lincoln dating wondering how many members Wisconsin Singles actually has, so are we. And new clients are told not to check in more than once every couple of weeks. Virginia Pickerell wanted a guy who was tall, active and lived near Madison, but says she was matched with guys who were short, overweight or lived halfway across the state.

Nobody at all,"Jorsch said.

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Wisconsin Singles invites potential customers to a 2-hour 'consultation' inside this office building in Elm Grove. However, new clients of Wisconsin Singles are told not to expect their personal matchmaker to call for at least three days after they up. After asking our undercover singles hours worth of invasive, personal questions, Diane Ryan refused to sit down an Provo UT date night our questions.

Diane is the only person who works in the Milwaukee office, but once the company has your money, you can never talk to her again. The company says this is not a high-pressure sales pitch. Instead, she says, her matches were outside even the most basic parameters, like age, height and location. The first man they matched her with had three kids under the age of five. Something anyone can do from their home computer for free.

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Her last date was in May. And after dating age in Lauderdale MN of hearing nothing, she finally got a call from her matchmaker in August. But they all lead to the same place. I thought I wasn't gonna hear from you guys anymore," Jorsch told her matchmaker on the phone. I saw the price. You have to tell them all of that personal information before they'll tell you how much the membership costs.

Bye, thank you. But that's not what the contract says they do. Diane says she was once a customer, too, and - the story goes - she ponied up Tyler TX men wanting to date english women big bucks and ended up meeting her husband. There appear to be several similarities between Wisconsin Singles and Great Expectations, a dating service that fled the state after our investigation in But in a letter to state regulators, Wisconsin Singles says it has no affiliation with Great Expectations and never has.

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Gross says they have to get to know you first: Your job, your past relationships, and your finances. For those who've spent thousands and Palmdale CA pick up lines for online dating unhappy with the service, there appears to be no way to get a refund without getting state officials involved. It starts with a telemarketing phone call, and then an invitation to an Elm Grove office building where you're subjected to an invasive, two-hour 'consultation.

In Wisconsin, you have a three-day right to cancel a dating service contract.

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Now, there's a new dating service in town with a sales pitch that sounds eerily familiar. I saw the cost of the service. It took years for the FOX6 Investigators to shut down a local dating meet beautiful Tennessee woman that was lying to consumers and pressuring them into ing expensive contracts. She found the place through an online ad for 'Milwaukee Singles.

It's just an incentive to keep single people from procrastinating. Company spokesman Gerry Gross tells me they are in business to help people and he does not believe his sales reps are find someone for free Bend anyone. a contract on-the-spot or the price goes up big time. And it works more often than you might think, in part, because on one key selling point. Kathy Jorsch says she rarely heard from her 'personal matchmaker' -- a woman she's never even met.

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Even harder when you discover you got a lot less than what you paid for. The next match, she says, was too old. The matchmaker admitted she doesn't have a lot of guys that dating naked Lakewood CO Kathy's criteria. I threw up in the bathroom," Ryan said to Rita, our first undercover volunteer.

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Except that she did. Gross says that's just to make sure they qualify for the service.

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Jorsch accepted an invitation to an Elm Grove office building on Pilgrim Road - just north of Brookfield Square - for a free consultation. It's hard to put a price tag on finding the love of your life. Instead, they take your information and then set you up with a match. A woman who asked that she not be identified - we'll call her Nicole - says she didn't want to date a guy with young.

There are two locations in Milwaukee and Madison, but they're part of a nationwide network known as 'Today's Matchmaker. And that's only if you a contract on-the-spot. Brownsville pick up lines for girl just once, but twice.

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Did you know that? FOX6 hidden cameras expose questionable tactics of high-dollar matchmaking service FOX6 hidden cameras expose questionable tactics of high-dollar matchmaking service. She says it happened seven years ago, which is odd, since the company has only to go on a date in North Dakota registered to do business in Wisconsin for two years. They promise to do a nationwide criminal background check. It's really a sales pitch that FOX6 caught on hidden camera.

He was younger than she wanted and lived two hours away. It says they perform a limited background screening using public databases available on the internet. In other words, they say, they do all the work.